It doesn’t matter whether you have just got those chemo curls or if you have just wanted to go short, the time to implement those short hair cuts for women is now. Today we are here to help you figure out what to do with your hair once you’ve gone short and also handpicked some of the best hair styles for you. The hairstyles listed below ranks from edgy pixie cut, modern lob, and stacked bob to choppy layers. They are the perfect hair styles for short hair in 2019 which works perfectly no matter how thin, thick, wavy, straight or curly your hair is. They are also perfect for people recovering from chemotherapy.

Angled Bob

This is a very versatile hairstyle that can work for almost any type of occasion. The other thing is that you can wear it the way you want. You can even wear it straight or wavy, sleek or messy or even chic. It can be styled to any type of shapes that are peculiar to angled bobs. It can as well be enhanced by various colors.

Who is this hairstyle best fit for?

Angled Bob is the best fit for people with heart-shaped faces. The main reason for this is because this hairstyle will soften the narrowness of the jaw line and at the same time accentuates the shoulders.

How to style it

You should start with washing your tresses and applying some texturizing products to your hair while its wet. This is so that you can achieve a bit tousled, carefree look. If you want this hairstyle to look more natural and less edgy, you can replace the texturizing products with heat protecting products. After doing this, then proceed with blow drying your tresses and at the same time styling them with a medium round brush. After this, get a medium-hold hairspray and get going.

Expert styling tip

This hairstyle is a good one for those people that wants an easy hair style. It can be a good one for almost any type of occasions.

Long Pixie cut with side swept bangs

This hair style is for those people that want to copy someone’s look especially those celebrities we have on our TV shows and magazines and make it work for them. It is a good hairstyle that enhances all the features while giving you a slight frame to the forehead.

Who does this hairstyle work better for?

This hair style works perfectly for people with Oval face shaped. The good thing about people with oval shape is that they can get almost any hairstyle. This hairstyle works better for you if you want to enhance your face features and at the same time get that perfect look you have been yearning for.

How to style this hairstyle

You should make sure that you are styling your short hair the right way to make sure you are looking perfect. Follow the below steps to style this hairstyle the right way.

Start by combing your short hair and make sure its straight. After that, now apply a root shoot especially the Walla Root Shoot. Apply it enough so that your hair will fall to one side-the side you prefer. To add a little texture to it, take some organ oil and apply it on the hair.

Now take a blow drier and blow every side of your hair thoroughly. Now use the right tool to part the hair. Make sure that the sides of the hair are flat and straight.

After that apply Dry wax on the hair to style it the right way. Now turn one side of the hair to either right or left and twist to leave a line between the two sides of your head.

Expert styling tip

The needs for a long pixie comes either when you want to chop your locks or when you want to grow out your hair from a very short pixie.

Side parted Blunt Bob

This is one of the easiest hair styles that can work perfectly for your short hair. What this means is that if you are looking for a wash and go hairstyle, this is a perfect match for you.

Who do Side parted Blunt Bob for the best?

There’s no single person that this hairstyle fits the better than the other one. However, people with round or oval faces look better with it. It also works the best for people with thinner hair strands.

How to style this hairstyle

To style this, you should start by getting the right tools and hair products. This hairstyle is also known as a straight across cut and is easy to style. You can as well achieve various looks with this hairstyle. What this means is that you can wear it straight or curly or even somewhere between.

Expert styling tip

This hairstyle is always in style no matter which year it is or even the age you are. It looks great when left alone but you can enhance the look with a little flip on the ends.

Angled Short Bob

Here is a pristine example for women looking for short hairstyles. It is styled with various lengths that add both volume and bounce. The good thing is that you can alter this hairstyle in different ways to achieve a perfect look depending on the occasion and preferences.

How to style it

There are several options when it comes to this hairstyle. You can choose to taper the cut or shape the ends. Either way, you get a fresh and a stylish look.

Who looks better in this hairstyle?

Most of the people would think that this hairstyle may not look good for people with round faces. However, if you are one of them, you can still wear it. Those with thick hair and those with square and Heart shaped faces can as well look good on this.

Expert styling tip

You can take this hairstyle down and sleek but it can as well be wild and care-free with a messy look. This hairstyle is a go to for those people keeping short hair for the first time.

Braided updo for short hair

Now that you have a short hair and at the same time wants a hairstyle that will look more formal, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. However, to style it can be challenging. If you are looking for simplicity, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you.

Who does the hairstyle fit the most?

This hairstyle is likely to look good with people with lighter or darker colored hair. It can be a good choice regardless of your face shape. However, how perfect this works for you depends on the way you style it.

How to style this hairstyle

Styling this hairstyle will not take a lot of your time. As a matter of fact, you just need two sections of hair, a few hair pins and a couple of hair braids. With these, you can style it to look as if you spent a whole hour doing this.

Expert styling tip

This hair style may not work perfectly for people with thin hair. However, you can use the trick of back combing and everything else will be perfect. Back combing will make your hair appear longer and thicker.

Braided Bob

There are some braided hairstyles for short hair and this is one of them. Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you have to forget braids. The good thing is that with expert assistance, even short hair can rock the prettiest of braids.

Who does the hairstyle suit the most?

This hairstyle will make your hair appear long and at the same time thick. What this means is that this hairstyle is perfect for people looking for a short hairstyle that will enhance their facial features. It’s perfect for people with diamond, heart, round and oval face shapes.

How to style it

The best thing to do this is to braid up your longer locks. You can either choose a sleek updo braids or a messy braid. Both options are perfect for any occasions.

Expert styling tip

This hairstyle will work perfect for you if you have longer hair. This means that if your hairstyle is too short to style at the back, then you can go for Halo Braid option.

Pushed Up Pixie Cut for Oval Face

Here is another sexy hair cut that you can go for. If you want a hairstyle for your face, then you should choose this first. It is a good hairstyle for women that have confidence with their own facial features. It looks as a seductive hairstyle for women with short hair.

Who is the hairstyle best fit for?

This hairstyle is the best fit for people with oval shapes. It can as well work well for people with other face shapes including rectangular and diamond shapes. It can be perfect for all types of hair including thin and thick hairstyle.

How to style Pushed Up Pixie Cut for Oval Face

Styling this is simple, brush the hair in the direction you want your bangs to be. Later, take a section of hair from the side and divide it into 3 sections. Now it’s time to bring the top piece and the bottom piece of the hair over the middle. You can just treat it like a normal braid.

You can now start adding hair from the top to the upper piece and later bring it over the middle. At the same time, you should take the bottom piece of the hair and bring it to the middle. Now repeat this until you reach the other side and later secure the braid with a bobby pin.

Expert styling tip

Girls with shorter hair don’t have to sacrifice their creativity. This hairstyle will work for you. However, it requires a lot of your attention to keep it looking good and sexy.

Silver Pixie Haircuts for square face

If you go the silver way, you will keep people intrigued. With this hairstyle, you should feel free to explore the platinum blonde and gray hues. Just make sure if you are going for this hairstyle, you should have confidence with shinny colors. However, this hairstyle looks better for people with longer pixie.

How to style Silver Pixie Haircuts

Styling this hairstyle is very easy. If your hair is loner or chin-length, then comb it directly  and later twist a few times. After this, coil up and pin high up on your head.

Expert styling tip

Take time to style it and make sure it makes you look confident, stylish, original and creative. It works best for people with Oval and small faces. Those with curly hair, You can definitely avoid this because it’s difficult to style and maintain.

Who is this hairstyle best for?

This hairstyle is the best fit for people with oval and small faces. It is also a good choice for people with thick hair. If you are confident enough, then you should try this hairstyle.

Voluminous Pixie For Triangle Face

Many people used to think that if a woman wore a short hair is a tomboy. However, today, people don’t count on this. In modern time, this style is a good hairstyle that works perfectly for people with a connection with short hair because it is very feminine and classy.

How to style Voluminous Pixie

This hairstyle is the best and a perfect fit even for an evening out. To style it is super easy. Its styled just like any other long pixie and later you just have to add a pin or decorate clip.

Who is best fit for this hairstyle?

This hairstyle is perfect for people with black hair. Although, everybody has a better way to style it and get a good look. It can as well look good for all types of body shapes and face shapes.

Expert styling tip

As you style Voluminous Pixie for Triangle face, you should make sure you have all the products that will improve the texture of your hair and at the same time make it easy to style.


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