Things have changed and in the recent years it seems like everyone is obsessed with having curves at the right places, lots of muscle and most importantly having a flat tummy. And it comes as no surprise why one of the trending topics searched on google in 2019 is how to lose belly fat.

Other than the not so cool look that a belly with lots of fat have, it can also cause some serious health issues. For example if you have belly fat it may increase the risk of getting a long term condition like heart attack, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. If you have a proper diet and are exercising from time to time you will increase your chances of losing belly fat fast. Incorporating some natural remedies will also help you lose belly fat even faster. Check out some of these healthy habits that anyone who wants to lose belly fat should incorporate to his or her lifestyle.

  • Drink water and when you are done, drink again.

It is recommended that you drink 8 glasses of water daily. Some people don’t even drink 5 glasses of water daily which might be one of the reason why you are struggling to lose your belly fat. The adequate amount of water will help you increase the metabolism which will in turn reduce bloating in your stomach.

Instead of taking soda or any other soft drinks during your lunch break, just replace the drinks with water so that you can be able to improve the metabolism and reduce the calorie intake in the process. If you feel like the water is too bland, you can splash in some lemons into it and it will make it at least more exciting. Make it your target to drink 8 glasses of water and watch your belly fat reduce with time.

  • Add some turmeric in your food.

Spicy food has also been confirmed to help you lose your belly fat slowly especially if you add some turmeric in your food. Turmeric has some anti-inflammatory properties and that will help improve your metabolism. You will lose your belly fat in a healthy way and for a more effective turmeric, be sure to go for one that have 95 percent or more curcumin.

  • Be sure to increase your protein intake

A low carb diet that have more protein and some healthy fats is going to help you lose fat without necessarily having to go to the gym for exercise. Proteins will help balance the sugar levels in your body. It will also help reduce the insulin levels in your body which is the hormone that stimulates storage of fats in different parts of your body more especially on the waist. By taking some almonds every morning, adding some avocado and taking some white meat or beans you will be doing your belly a great favor.

  • Make green tea your cup of tea.

Green tea is considered to be one of the most effective way to help you lose weight naturally. The tea contains catechins which are compounds that have been proven on their effectiveness in helping increase the metabolism and also helping your liver burn the excess fats in your body.

Replace your daily cup of coffee with a cup of green tea. And for more effective results be sure to drink about four cups of green tea. Make sure that the green tea contains zero sugar as taking sugar will override the benefits of the tea because you will be adding more calories to your body something you are supposed to avoid.

  • Incorporate some coconut oil in your diet.

Coconut oil is actually the best source of MCT oils in the world. Unlike the vegetable oils, MCT oils skip some stages of digestion and they are easily digested instead of being stored as fat in your body. The liver changes the MCT oils into energy which will leave you feeling more energized and you will not need to add more calories to your body for energy. The MCT oils from the coconut will also help stimulate the metabolism of your body which plays a big role when it comes to losing belly fats.

  • Say no to stress.

Chronic stress might also lead to increased belly fat. This happens as a result of stimulation of a hormone called cortisol by stress.  When this hormone is stimulated it increases your appetite and craving for comfort foods like chips which contributes to even more fats in your belly.

Find a way to relieve your stress in activities like meditation which has been proved as an effective way of reducing your stress. Getting some massage from your loved one or simply taking a soothing bath can also help you relieve your stress. By managing your day to day stress you will be helping manage your stress.

  • Go for whole grains.

Fiber plays a very big role when it comes to losing your belly fat. Fiber will leave you feeling full and you will be able to fend off that craving for midday snack and by that you will be reducing the amount of your calorie intake. Fiber helps you feel full for a longer time because it slows the rate at which the stomach empties the food. The whole grains are rich in fiber and in addition to that, they also contains good amounts of proteins and calcium.

  • Raw foods are the key.

For even more fiber intake in your body, say yes to the raw foods like vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and they also contains some good amounts of anti-oxidants which are effective when it comes to losing belly fat.


Having a flat stomach is cute and it prevents you from serious illness like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Having regular exercise and improving your metabolism using the above tricks will help you lose your belly fat fast.


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