Every ambitious traveler will find something nice to see and do in Europe. If you are one of those people travelling on a college budget, then there are several cities in Europe that can really meet your expectations. Europe also has a wide variety of places with some nice restaurants with flavorsome cuisine, fabulous architecture and some lovely natural beauty.

When you are travelling to a far country, your budget should be the main reference point. This means you should consider the amount of money you are willing and able to pay for the services you anticipate to receive.

If you are online now researching on some cheap European destinations that will help you save money significantly and at the same time maximize your experience, then you are at the right place. In this brief, we have rounded up a couple of incredible European countries that will maximize your experiences without having to spend a fortune.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The first city we are going to discuss today is Vilnius in Lithuania. The city features a proper hidden gem with some budget-friendly restaurants and cheap transit options. In this compact city, you will have some stunning tourist destinations that will give you the best experiences. You can start by going to the Gedinimas’ Tower or even stroll through the historical monuments in the city.

Vilnius ranked as the second cheapest city to visit in Europe in 2018 and now ranks as the cheapest town to visit in Europe in 2019. Though, dining at the city’s main restaurants come similar in prices to restaurants in other cities, it’s still a perfect place to visit.

Food can be expensive but don’t worry; you can do self-catering because it’s a cheap alternative. You can as well enjoy a night checking at some of the most popular bars in the city getting beers and several other drinks and treats for as low as $3.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is another cheap yet fantastic city that you can visit in Europe. The main reason for this is that prices in the city are affordable yet giving you the best treats. You can enjoy the city’s night life without spending a lot of money. The alcohol prices are very cheap, restaurants in the city offer cheap accommodation and there are no entry fees for most museums and several other tourist destinations.

Krakow is well known for the cheap transport and affordable nightlife for weekend trips. There are also very few instances of crime which means you can take safe road trips without any hustle any time of the day.

Riga, Latvia

Riga is a compact and a very beautiful city which is usually underestimated by many tourists. The city is endowed with a couple of fantastic and affordable tourist destinations which means you will never lack something to do.

Transport, food and drinks in the city are very cheap and affordable. Additionally, there’s quality nightlife options that suits every traveler. One reason why the city is usually abandoned is because of the distance from everything else. Most tourists say that the city is very far from everything else which can make it expensive to travel to main facilities. Hotel prices can be as low as $6-$15. It’s also very easy to land some budget hotels and rental apartments for just $40-$150.

If you want to enjoy a cup of beer, then you can get a pint of local beer for only $4.

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade city in Serbia is a newcomer in the top 10 cheap cities in Europe but features some nice tourist destinations and cheap treats. It’s a nice place for the travelers that like something rather beaten. Belgrade is actually one of the most amazing tourist destinations in Europe with cheap nightlife and impressive city architecture. With plenty of bars, clubs, amazing streets, wonderful monuments and museums, it’s a nice place to be. The city also has abundance of street art and live music that you can enjoy with your loved ones or family.

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is one of the most interesting tourist destinations because it has a rich history, friendly people, delicious cuisines and some gorgeous architecture. Some of her cities including Istanbul are perfect tourist destinations that you should be targeting in 2019.

Istanbul is actually a cultural melting point which gives travelers a nice opportunity to experience different cultures. The city ends up being marked as a very budget friendly city in Europe in 2019. In the city, you can get a rental house and hostels for as low as $50 per night. The hotels also offer exemplary services at affordable prices. This means you can snap a five star Hotel for the price of 3 star hotels in some cities like London.

The food here is very delicious and also affordable. If you are one of those people that wants to enjoy the night life and at the same time taste some local foods, then you will save a lot. Alcohol and club life is very entertaining and cheap. You can get a mug of beer for as little as $2.5. Hostel prices also range from $12-$18 per night.

Marmaris, Turkey

Turkey is a cheap country to visit. As a matter of fact, most of her cities feature in the list of top 20 cheapest cities to visit in Europe. Marmaris is not a big city as most people would expect, but it features a couple of things to see and do.

Marmaris can be both expensive and cheap depending on your budget and the places you visit to tour, for entertainment and to dine. The other reason this town is a perfect match for families is that it has some sandy beaches, safe waters and great weather which makes it a nice destination any point in time. Self-catering is also very cheap and affordable.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is another very amazing city where you can have some good time and little expenses. The city is in our list of top cheap Europe destinations for all the good reasons. Budapest has become very popular for the nightlife and the plenty cheap restaurants and excellent local dishes. If you are looking for a city to visit and have fun on a budget, then you should be looking for this. The hostel prices range from $15-$25 per night. If you want to get a restaurant accommodation, then you may end up paying $150 per night. Beer prices range from $1.80 to $4.The average meal price is $10.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is regarded as the most expensive city in the Baltic region but still a friendly destination. It’s a very beautiful and a cheap city to tour with your family and at the same time spend some nice time during the holiday. Hostels in the city are cheap and well maintained. Meals are also good, delicious and affordable. The only drawback about this city is getting there because Tallinn is located far from a lot of other European cities. Hostel prices are $15-$20 per night. You will as well be expected to pay $40-$80 per night in Budget hotels and rental apartments.

Split, Croatia

Many people are moving to Croatia simply because the country is hosting some of the best and the most stunning tourist destinations. Split is the hottest destination in Europe for ambitious tourists looking to save some money and experience the most of European culture. It is a great place to spend a day or two in the weekend before exploring other cheaper cities in Europe. You are likely to pay $17-$28 per night in hostel prices or $45-$125per night for budget hotel and rental apartment.

Prague, Czech Republic

There are many reasons why Prague will feature in most blogs and magazines as a cheap tourist destination in England. The city is beautiful and also has a ton of great nightlife. It features some small but beautiful monuments and cheap travel options. Regardless of the fact that the prices have risen over time, it’s still a good price to visit with your family on a budget.

The city offers some cheap places to sleep and a couple of other cheap hotels to dine and get entertainment. You will not be frustrated if you are one of those people that want to enjoy their free time with a bottle of beer. Beer in the city is very cheap and readily available in almost all clubs and bars.

Hostel prices ranges from $20 to $28 per night and Budget Hotels and rental apartment prices range from $55-$130 per night depending on your location.

Naples, Italy

Nobody would expect that Italy would have a cheap and beautiful city to visit. In most cases, many people opt to Italy when they have allocated huge budgets for their tours. Naples has a lot of things to do and see which makes it one of the favorite cities for travelers in a budget. You will as well come across some cheap hotels and restaurants to dine and get accommodation. You can as well enjoy the city’s night life with little expenses. Alcohol, food and other treats are highly affordable in most bars, clubs and restaurants.

Happy Travelling!


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