Today there’s a lot of information in the market about nail designs. Thanks to Instagram and other social media platforms now you have a couple of incredible social media accounts to reconnoiter. Before you invest your time and money in getting that nail design you got online, check these trends that people are obsessed with this year.

  • Blue Flower nails

This is a very common nail design that ladies are going for this season. Brought to light by Boston-based nail artist Courtney Calls. You cannot go wrong with this nail design.

How to get it

If this is what you wanted this season, then you just have to set a lilac base like Essie’s Lilacism and later set flowers to match your looks and needs.

  • Fish Tail nails

Here is another design that makes it very possible for you to match your nails and the hair. It’s common and specifically adorable by women with no limits.

How to get it

Start by painting your nails aqua. After this you will be needed to highlight your ring and the middle fingers with a hatched design and colors to put a twist on the accent nail.

  • Marble nails

This nail design may seem very tricky but it will be the best design for your spring, winter, summer and autumn seasons. It’s complicated to most people but if you follow the right steps, you will get it right.

How to get it

To get this nail design, you just need a dotting tool, two contrasting colors and patience because it’s going to take some time to look good. Paint the nails with one color and eventually dot the nails using the other color.

  • Colorblocked Nails

It’s an elegant mani that can be complicated to implement but very fantastic. It’s a very official nail design that you can go for if you spends a lot of your time in the office.

How to get it

It all starts with applying one strip of striping tape per nail. After that, at least paint two coats of the bold spring shade on top and wait for the colors to dry. After that, you will get a glam look on your hands.

  • Eyes Wide Open Nails

This nail art is very crucial, easy and simple to implement. It’s actually for women that need simplicity. It’s a total modern style because of its negative space and the simple design. It’s also a very fun way of wearing colors.

How to get it

To get this nail design, it’s easy and very straightforward. You just need two colors to apply each on each nail. The design should resemble the shape of the lower eye lid and the next nail representing the shape of the upper lid.

  • Poppy Field Nails

Many people would think that this nail design is perfect for Christmas only. But just because it’s not Christmas doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose it. It works best with red and green polishes.

How to get it

It all starts with painting your nails white. After that, get nail art flowers in green and red.

  • New Yellow

This is a fantastic nail art design that every woman should be going for in 2019. It’s a simple but a very detailed nail design that will enhance every look to match your looks with the situation at hand.

How to get it

It may sound complicated but this nail style is very easy and simple to implement. Start by washing and polishing the nails. What follows is to paint the nails from the middle to top with a yellow color enhancing details as you go up.

  • Crowned Jewels

Many ladies would choose this nail design for their holidays but can as well match every other occasion of the year. Though, I wouldn’t recommend this nail style to ladies in the corporate world. It can be a good match for ladies that wants to enhance their looks occasionally.

How to get it

Implementing this nail design can be very complicated. This means you have to get in touch with your stylist for further assistance. It needs three colors and crowns to attach on the nails professionally.

  • Golden Chain

Jewelry has gone to another level. As a matter of fact, there’s room for you to complement your nail looks using golden chains. Artist Bettina Goldstein created this nail design. It’s another style that can enhance the details of your nails significantly.

How to get it

This design is a three-dimensional golden chain style that will not take a lot of your time to implement. First of all, you have to polish and shine your nails. Eventually, the golden con shaped beads will be attached using a reliable nail glue.

  • Cow Print

Here is a nail style that will blend well with almost any lifestyle. It is actually the best and a very cute nail design that will not only illuminate your nail details but also will blend well with every cloth you wear.

How to get it

This nail design may seem very complicated to implement but you only need two nail colors: Black and white. First and foremost, paint all the nails white and eventually dot your nails with black.

  • Fruity nail style

People are today going fruity. It works well because almost everybody will look naturally good in it. It closely resembles the designs of two fruit shapes and designs.

How to get it

To implement this nail design, there’s need to get someone that can really draw something amazing. The artist will take the design of two fruits on a metallic green base. After this, he/she will precisely draw the looks differently in every nail.

  • Neon Orange Nails

I bet you have never seen Neon or even the French tips as amazing as this one before. This nail design looks simple but classic and will definitely enhance your looks without any issues. It works the best for people in spring and for official looks.

How to get it

To get this nail style is easy, make sure your nails have grown to a reasonable size and eventually paint a fluorescent orange to the entire nail. I know you are now wondering how easy, yes, it’s that easy but you will get a classic look at the end of it all. I actually believe that this is the best nail design for busy ladies.

  • Billie Eilish’s Nude Talons

Sometimes you need to go overboard to get something crazy but amazing. These are claws so extra that someone would think you have a malevolent connection which is probably not the case. Though, I have to specifically state that this nail design will not work well for most occasions. You cannot get such a design to your office. Though, those with intentions to do something crazy should go for this.

How to get it

To get this nail design, your stylist will fit claw like nails on your normal nails using healthy nail glue.

  • Pressed Wildflower Nails

This nail style is easy to implement. It can match almost every occasion. It just involves two coats and some flowers to enhance the looks.

How to get it

If this is what you want to go for, you will need to go for the teeny, tiny flower. The artist will as well put a strong top coat. As they are being applied, you will be needed to press the flowers between the pages of a heavy book to make them flat before you put the adhesive.

  • Pale Pink Tweed Nails

This nail style will be the best to go for if you want to turn your fingers into works of art. It’s very common among celebrities and now you can as well try it.

How to get it

This nail style will be implemented with ease to enhance your looks. The artist will get the predesigned artificial nails and prepare the nails before adhering.

  • Off-center Accented Nails

Here is another nail design that will add single strokes of complementation to one side of the nails. It is a nice design for all occasions.

How to get it

The nails are pre-painted using creamy white nail paint and eventually a single stroke is added on one side of the nails. The color combination looks amazing.

  • Chrome Rainbow

Many people have been going for the rainbow manicure but now there’s no better way to work on it than when it’s done in chrome.

How to get it

This nail design will look feminine and fresh and you have to get it. Here color mixing is very crucial. The artist will start with shinny blue from one end of the fingers and end up applying shiny red on the thumb.

  • Bandanarama

Bandanarama is a very easy and a freshly looking nail style that you can as well go for in 2019. With the combination of colors, it’s amazing.

How to get it

The nail style may sound very easy to get but now your artist will spare enough time to make it happen. He/she will mix colors and eventually apply them on the nails.

  • Neon Negative space

This nail design pairs the hot neon and negative space. This is actually the main reason why it stands it to be the best for people with simple lifestyles and official duties.

 How to get it

Getting this nail design is easy. The artist will have to combine negative space and hot neon and apply it on the nails.

  • Iridescent Ombre

Lastly, we will talk about this nail design that makes it easy to enhance your opalescent even more magical. It is a very common  nail design with Essie in Teirs of Joy.

How to get it

The artist will apply red nail paint in all the nails except the thumbs. The thumbs will eventually be designed to combine an emoji like look with the colors and the end results will be awesome.


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