Every woman out there wants a beautiful look, and there’s no better way of doing that than enhancing the features of the face. The human eyes are the windows to the soul, which is the reason why they should be considered in every aspect of beauty. What this means is that the role of eyeliner should be to enhance the eyes and give them the impact you want.

When wielded properly, eyeliners can perk up the peepers. On the other hand, if it is used incorrectly, it can really drag down your overall look. So, this brief covers different types of eyeliners and at the same time, guides you on how to apply eyeliners correctly.

Types of eyeliners:

If you have some markup goals or just wants to branch out a little bit, look out for these different types of eyeliners. The decision depends on your makeup goal, the occasion and also what you want to achieve.

Pencil eyeliner

Previously, pencil eyeliners resembled the colour pencils children use to draw. They were also made of wood, and most people didn’t have the chance to choose the texture.

Recently, advancements have been made, and now they have a mechanical style and a plastic cylinder for easier control of the application. 

Gel eyeliner

This type of eyeliner lies somewhere between the liquid eyeliner and the pencil eyeliner in terms of texture. It’s in some way thicker than liquid eyeliner and also creamy just like pencil eyeliner. This type of eyeliner is applied by a brush. I usually think gel eyeliner is a perfect option for people that want a look that stays in place for longer. It’s also adored because it is unlikely to smudge when its set.

Liquid eyeliner

For those drama queens, this eyeliner is the perfect match for you. It can help you get those dramatic looks because you have the precision you need. You can apply it perfectly to achieve that cat-like look. 

Different Ways to Apply Eyeliners

How you apply an eyeliner depends on the type you choose. Here are some simple ways of applying each of the types.

  • How to apply Pencil liner (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Prepare the pencil

You can choose to sharpen or dull the pencil depending on the look you want. Sharpen the pencil if you want a precise line or dull it if you want a rounded and a thick line.

Step 2: Get the liner pencil to the right temperatures

It’s always a nice thing to make sure the pencil has the proper temperatures to facilitate the smooth application. So check and see whether your liner is hard, if it is, then warm it a bit.

Step 3: Hold the outer corner of your eyelid

This will help you apply the liner properly to get a straight line. The other thing is to raise your eyebrows so that they don’t block the lash line.

Step 4: Start at the corner

To make it work well for you, you should start from the edge and move across.

Step 5: Line your lower lash line

Lining your lower lash is optional but if you decide to do this, pull the outer edge of your lid. Now start to apply using short strokes.

  • How to apply Liquid eye liner (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Shake the liner

The first step to take is to shake the eyeliner just to be sure it’s well-mixed. Before you shake, check whether the lid is secured well.

Step 2: Start applying from the middle

Now you should start applying, but you should be careful and should as well start the application in the middle. The brush should be placed as close as possible against your upper lash line. Apply as you move towards the outer edge of your lash. For people that want to get an eye line, it’s always a nice thing to draw that line first with a pencil liner.

Step 3: Fill the gaps

It’s now the turn to line the inner edge of the upper lash. You should as well connect the line with the first line you made when we were starting. Be careful and use small strokes to connect.

Step 4: To the lower lash now

Now that you want a winged look, you should follow the lower lash. However, this is optional. But if you want to create a winged look apply as you follow the curve of your lower lash.

  • How to apply Gel Liner (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Get a liner brush and apply one side of it with the gel

Just unscrew the lid and dip the right side of the gel liner. Note that it can dry up quickly so you should apply it fast enough.

Step 2: The inner or outer corners

It’s always advisable to start from the inner and outer corners of your lash. You just have to start here, moving towards the centre. Repeat the same to your outer lash towards the outer edge.

Step 3: Now fill in the center

The above step was to create starter lines. Now that you have these lines, you should move on to fill the center, and you are good to go.

How to Get a Smoky Cat Eye Look

Some people would want a smoky cat look for a special occasion. Getting this look is very east. Follow the below steps, and everything will be okay.

Step 1: The base

The first step here is to create a base by applying a neutral tone eye shadow to the eyelids. After this, move on to apply a slightly darker color and crease.

Step 2: Move the eye shadow to the outer edge of your eyelids

You just have to choose a medium brown eye shadow to the outer edges of the eyelids for eyelid enhancement. This step also helps you create those backdrops for your cat eyeliner.

Step 3: It’s time to highlight the center for bright eyes

You can do this by adding a little amount of shimmery eye shadow.

Step 4: Move to the upper lash line

It’s time to line the upper lash line. Just apply black eyeliner and apply it to the outer edge moving to the inner edges.

Step 5: The wings

The other thing is to create your wings. This is done by extending your eyeliner past the edges of your eyelid. Just make sure you are following the curve of your lower lash line.


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