A denim jacket should be in your wardrobe any time of the year regardless of the season though many people consider it a perfect layering piece for the fall. It works perfectly whether it’s worn under a warmer coat or even when worn on itself.

The other thing is that denim is always versatile and can be a good touch for almost all types of outfits. Though, many women don’t know how to wear it perfectly with accessories and other clothes.

1. Keep the Denim Simple with Accessories

This is where most women go wrong; denim doesn’t always give a hot look with all sorts of accessories. This is very clear; you want to make sure that the accessories you are going for are perfect with the denim, whether by color or versatility.

Expert Tip

The best thing to do here is to choose a crisp white button down denim, an ankle strap and a baseball cap for the best of looks.

2. Don’t Underestimate Over Sized Denim

Most women will say oversized denim is not their type. Although that is a personal opinion, oversized denim can be a good outfit in the fall.

Expert Tip

Choose an oversized fit that will pair perfectly well with any type of jeans you have in your closet.

3. Take Denim as a Layering Piece

In the fall or the winter when you need to keep your body warm, you can choose denim as a layering piece, though most people don’t consider it formal or a good match during the day.

Expert Tip

In such a case, always pair it with a puffer jacket for warmth. You can as well enhance the looks with accessories.

4. Denim doesn’t always have to be Blue

Denims are very common but most people consider it a denim when it’s in blue. However, this is not always the case because there are many other denim colors you can go for.

Expert Tip

Choose a red, white, pink or even an autumnal shade of green if you want to appear differently and classically dressed.

5. Choose Green for the Fall

Now that you know denim doesn’t always have to be blue, you should know the perfect colors for any season. Each of them can be a good match depending on the season and the event.

Expert Tip

In the fall, choose green denim because it matches perfectly well with the climate.

6. Denim Jackets can be used as a Blouse

Very few women would think of denim as a shirt but yes, it makes a perfect shirt paired with your jeans and some high heels. Tough, this is usually the case with the summer season. I don’t think many people would choose to wear it as a blouse during the winter or fall.

Expert Tip

Denim buttoned all the way to the bottom can accompany you well during those summer informal events. To give the dressing a little attitude, then pop the collar.

7. How High can you Button This Up?

This is a personal preference but buttoning it as low as possible gives a perfect look for some naughty girls. Though, that shouldn’t be too low because it can pose other meanings.

Expert Tip

When you are going for the shirt, don’t unbutton it too low. Though, when you are wearing it as a layering piece, you can button it too low.

8. Try Denim with a Dress

Have you ever seen someone rocked in denim and a perfectly looking dress? If no, then you can be that person, because denim and a dress bring down the formality of any dress. This is actually one of the best ways to make things seem more layed and amazing.

Expert Tip

Always make sure you pair it perfectly with some high heels. This makes it look more formal than wearing it with sport shoes or sneakers.

9. Choose Two-Tone Denim

Two-tone denim will always be the best option for women that wants to wear it with any type of dress. This can make it informal but the greatest chance for a summer event is to wear it with a formal dress.

Exert Tip

Every part of this option is perfectly enhanced when you choose nice high heels. This is an option that can give you better looks on the way.

10. Denim with a Skirt

If you can wear denim with a dress, then it can look good too with a skirt. One thing we usually underestimate is that a denim jacket is a perfect partner for a skirt. The denim gives it edge while the skirt screams sweetness.

Expert Tip

If you have to wear denim with a skirt, try a white or a black skirt. Also pair it with heels to give it feminine details.

11. Wear Denim with Short Skirts

Women are afraid of wearing denim with short skirts. But although this is informal, it’s a pure charm for informal events or even a summer date out. So, it’s up to you to choose what you want and what occasion is waiting to choose a perfect short skirt.

Expert Tip

Always pair it with the best heels to match it perfectly and also give it a feminine look.

12. Replace your Classic Black Blazer with a Black Denim

Black denim can be a perfect alternative to your classic black blazer. The main reason for this is because it gives you the same looks and that feminine feel wherever you are stepping out of the house.

Expert Tip

Choose an oversized version of this great denim and pair it with wide leg khaki pants for the best looks.

13. Wear Denim with Skinny Jeans

Wearing denim with skinny jeans can as well be a good match for summer occasions. Though, it is one of the most informal looks that you can have. So if you are thinking of attending a formal summer event, please don’t choose this.

Expert Tip

To choose perfect denim for your skinny jeans, choose the same colors, Black denim with black skinny jeans and blue skinny jeans with blue denim jackets.

14. Denim Jackets with Athleisure

Although most women don’t do this, a cropped denim jacket can be a good fit with a hoodie. The sweatshirts and sweatpants have also found a new friend. You can pair denim with your favorite track pants and hoodie for a winter event.

Expert Tip

On that winter or fall Sunday morning, rock out with a casual hoodie and track pants. This will be the best looks that you can have in such a bright day.

15. Blue Denim with a Blue Hoodie

Blue denim can be amazingly fit with a Blue Hoodie. That is if you are considering an evening winter or fall date with your boyfriend or if you are considering any night party within the season. This will keep you looking good and at the same time keep you warm and moving.

Expert Tip

To keep it looking amazing, you can consider throwing it on over your favorite shirt and you will be all ready to go.

16. Denim and a Suede or Leather Detailing

Denim can also be perfect for you if you want to pair it with suede or a leather detailing. Though, this is the perfect fit for the winter or fall. That is easy because you want to maintain your looks regardless of the situations at hand.

Expert Tip

Although you will not take a lot of time to wear and style this, you need some perfect suede and leather shoes for that case.

17. Always Choose a Cord Collar

This is something that can eventually give you that cheap yet classic look with when you are leaving the house, for all the weather because there are no details restricting any of the seasonal details.

Expert Tip

For affordable option, always choose a cord color and pair it with some suede or leather heels.

18. A Belted Denim Jacket is also a good option

If you have a distressed denim jacket, then you need help from a minimal belt. This will emphasize the waist line and at the same time help you get that amazing and a perfectly look for any type of a summer or winter event.

Expert Tip

Always choose some perfect accessories for that case. This will enhance the details and give you a perfect look. However, be careful with the colors and the styles of the accessories you choose.

19. Overall Dress with Denim

For women in their 40s and 50s, this style is for you. You choose an overall dress and match it perfectly with a denim jacket. It can accompany you well when you are in a summer event. Though, if you want to make it look and sound unique, match it with some types of accessories.

Expert Tip

You may choose a cow girl hat or a nice necklace and a bracelet to enhance the details.

Now that you have regarded denim for your day out, please follow all the above tips to avoid compromising any rules of looks.


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