Now you have started figuring out what really makes a relationship last forever and you cannot even come up with a single explanation? If yes, then we are here to give you those things that you can do and make your relationship/marriage last forever. The fact is that starting a relationship is really simple, exciting and fun but making that first love grow over the time is the hardest thing. Problems start to flock in once you are settled and have children or have started the live together. Now the fun you had starts to diminish and the days you spent out when you were courting are no more. You both have a busy life working on making both ends meet and nobody has enough time for each other.

To make relationships work when you have already settled, I have to start by saying that both ends should maintain a constant flow of communications. If for any case the communication is down, then problems will never be solved, good days will never be retrieved and the chains attaching you together will start to loosen. In this brief, we are going to list and explain comprehensively things that can make your relationship last forever.

1. It’s all about Communication

The first thing that I have to talk about in this regard is communication. If you want a relationship to last forever, then you need to ensure that the communication stays alive for all this time especially if you don’t stay under the same roof. The fact is that communication in a relationship is very important. In this regard, we both have to accept that communication acts as a judge, jury and executioner. It is the only factor that has the final say in your relationship.

Communication starts from being able to communicate your differences and looking for solutions for all the problems you encounter. One mistake that couples make is to confuse communication with talking. Talking is very different from a good communication. Talking is just chatting about your daily experiences but a good communication comes in when you need to look for solutions and communicate what problems you have to your significantly other.

In a relationship, communication is all about connecting and making use of your verbal and physical skills to make the goals of your lover come true. It starts by knowing what your lover needs are and what you can do to make them happy all the time. If you have all this in mind, then it will be very simple for both of you to make up your mind on different situations and come up with solutions to most of the differences you encounter.

2. Time, Time and Time

The next thing is time. We don’t have to spend a lot of time discussing why having enough time for your lover is important. I can bet that the first days when you met time was key. You couldn’t go for a week without looking for your boyfriend/girlfriend. You also wanted to spend an ample time with each other. This is the same thing should hold its stanch even long after you have settled down.

Start by sparing enough time for romance. Although you may not have enough time for that, why don’t you spare at least two nights in a week for a ‘’date night? If it sounds more cheesy, then you don’t have to call it a date night. What this typically means is that you should have a goal of at least having enough time with each other several times in a month.

Why don’t you spare some time to prepare a dinner together, eat and later go to the movies? Why don’t you spare enough time to take your loved ones out for a road trip or even nights out? All these things come in when you create enough time for each other. I don’t have to argue that we are very free but I am talking about creating enough time for each other.

The fact is that people usually have a lot to deal with especially after they settle with their loved ones. Most of the people are very busy in this regard and for that reason they may end up taking all the time for themselves. Even if you are a busy man/woman, I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t get a good chance to plan for a day or two with your spouse.

3. Don’t expect too much

I will also talk about one of the things that are bringing relationships down these days. The reality of the matter is that most of the people today expects too much from their lovers from the first day they start dating. Although this is not a wrong thing to do, it is usually very risky to anticipate too much from your lover.

Most of the people especially women expect too much from their male counterparts. If you expect that your lover will take you out and failed, you don’t have to take this as the base for war. A good woman will at any time be prepared for the changes or any other problem coming up. Let us start like this, if your man cannot afford to take you out on a weekend why don’t you take him instead. He’s your lover and not a playboy.

Expect to help each other and not just activating your adrenaline every time something goes against what you expected. It is not every time that you will get those expensive gifts and good food. There are several instances that you need to understand each other and act accordingly whenever there’s an issue.

4. Never cheat

Now this thing is very sensitive. As a matter of fact, cheating was ranked as the number one reason for breakups. Most of the people are unable to bear the news of unfaithfulness and for this reason they are not ready to continue living under the same roof with someone who’s unfaithful.

Just bear in mind that cheating breaks the first secret vow of the relationship. Your man or your woman is not ready to share your love with anybody else. If you are married, this is the worst thing that you can do to your lover. It is the simplest thing that can break the heart of your significant other.

Cheating is the hardest thing to rebound but it is very common. If you detect that your wife or husband is very sensitive to this things, then you have to leave them all together. Just give up even the simplest idea of having sex with any other person unless you don’t want to retain your relationship. Leaving this idea will make your spouse more attractive and even loyal to you.

5. Control your anger

The next thing that tops the list today is anger. I can bet there are several times you have had a dreadful day at the job and come home with a bad mood. Now in this regard you need to know how to control your moods. You have to make sure that at all costs you cannot offend your lover simply because you are having a bad day at work.

The idea of coming home in a bad mood and when your wife/husband asks anything you answer rudely is not fair. You don’t have to bring the negative energy at home. Start by being able to control and shed away all the bad times of the day before you get into any conversation with your spouse.

6. Be supportive

Every man or woman wants to feel like they have someone behind their back who appreciates all their efforts. When you gauge your husband’s mind and know that he’s planning to make an investment, you have to support him both ideally, mentally and financially. One reason that leads in breakups is being unsupportive.

The fact is that if you cannot support the one you love, he/she is always down and will eventually have a hard time handling the relationship. They will at all the time be stressed and because of this, they will never be happy with the relationship. The other thing is that there are several other people out there that are ready to support him/her and for this reason, this is where cheating comes in.

As matter of fact, you have to support your spouse in all dimensions. They need to feel that there is a man/a woman who appreciates their ideas and a person who’s always at their rescue.

7. Apologize when you’re wrong

It is now a basic thing that happens in all the dimensions. People make mistakes but the wisest of all are those that will admit their mistakes and ask for apologies. As a matter of fact, apologizing is key to a good relationship. If for any case you wrong your partner, the first thing that you should do is to apologize. Another reason why relationships fail is being stubborn and not being ready to admit the mistakes and open your heart to ask for forgiveness.

Failed relationships happen for many reasons, and the failure of a relationship is often a source of great psychological anguish. Most people have to work consciously to master the skills necessary to make relationships endure and flourish. Happy loving.


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