Back pain can be really disturbing. As a matter of fact, there is nothing that is so uncomfortable like suffering from pains in the back. It can even interfere with your daily routine. You may not be able to work properly or do some house chores. That is why you have to find an effective way of preventing and dealing with back pain. Most of the time, you may find yourself going for medications in order to get rid of your back pain. However, there is no need to always rush for medications while there are other effective ways of getting rid of back pain. Here are some of the remedies that can greatly help you deal with the situation;

  • Get a good posture

One of the leading causes of back pain is a bad posture. You might be wondering why you are always having back pain. Well, it may have a lot to do with your posture. How you walk and even the way you sit may be putting a lot of stress on your back. This is what results in the back pains. Getting a perfect posture will definitely help to solve the problem. It is quite simple to find a good posture. Ensure that when you are seated your back is straight and the shoulders are pushed back and relaxed. Additionally, while standing do so in a straight manner. The chin should be level with the ground and the shoulders back.

  • Exercise

Exercising will not only get rid of back pain but will also help in preventing it. You can get total relief from back pain by simply engaging in some exercises. When you engage in physical activity, the muscles in the back are strengthened and they also become flexible. This in turn reduces back pain. Similarly, exercising decreases inflammation which might be one of the reason you are having frequent pains in the back. The best exercise to do for back pain is aerobic ones. You can also consider doing cardio. Lastly, have a regular routine for exercising so that its effect in getting rid of back pain is felt. To ensure you stay on track with working out you can get a partner.

  • Sleep well

Quality sleep can go a long way in preventing back pain. The first thing that you ought to check out is the mattress that you are using. Is the mattress comfortable on your back or do you wake up with a painful back? If you wake up with a backache then you have to consider changing your mattress with one that is more comfortable and friendly on the back. Aside from all that, ensure you have a good night sleep. Sleeping for at least 8 hours every night will work magic when it comes to combating back pain.  If you are having trouble falling asleep you can include taking a warm shower as part of your bedtime routine. Doing this will help you unwind and fall asleep fast. Remember, good quality sleep is what will work to fix the problem of back pain. Hence, it is only prudent that you create an environment that will allow you to sleep soundly.

  • Massage therapy

The best part of having massage therapy for back pain is that you can opt to have it done at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is get a massage therapist who will be doing the regular massages. Some people argue that massage therapy does not have any scientific research that proves it actually relieves back pain. The truth is there are people who have tried massage therapy and the results were wonderful. It helped to ease any back pains they were experiencing and when done regularly it works well in treatment of back pain. Another thing that a massage will do for you is it will relax you. This means that if you are having anxiety or depression all these negative feeling can be dealt with. This in turn boosts the release of the feel good endorphins that can greatly help to ease pain. Similarly, massages relax the muscles in the back and boost blood circulation.

  • Do some yoga

Yoga can work wonders in fixing back pain. A number of studies done prove that yoga can actually help to relieve back pain. This is one of the best ways to combat backaches without necessarily taking pain relievers. Yoga combines poses that stretch, strengthen and make the muscles more flexible. It can also be a good way to improve your posture which in turn reduces the back pain. Additionally, you may be having an achy back because of poor alignment. Doing yoga is the perfect way to return the back to its natural and proper alignment. There is a lot to benefit from yoga. Enroll for yoga classes in order to reap all these benefits.

  • Go on an anti-inflammatory diet

The foods you eat may in one way or the other be contributing to your achy back. The best thing to do at this point is to ensure that your joints as well as muscles are in good health. In this way you get rid of the back pains and also prevent them from occurring in the future. The trick here is eating a healthy diet for your overall health and well-being. Avoid the unhealthy and processed foods. The first thing that you should do is to include in your diet foods that are high in fiber especially fruits and vegetables. This ensures that your gut is healthy and prevents constipation. Constipation tends to worsen back pain. Similarly, stay well hydrated. You can simply do this by drinking plenty of water at least eight glasses in a day. When you are dehydrated, back pains significantly increase. Foods rich in omega 3 fats and potassium will greatly help to boost muscle function and reduce inflammation. All this will go a long way in getting rid of your back pain.

  • Quit smoking
39816149 – quit smoking

This goes for those who are already smoking. Smoking will hinder your treatment and recovery from back pain. That is why it is important that you stop smoking if you are suffering from back pains. What happens is whenever you smoke the flow of blood to the tissues and muscles is inhibited. This means that the muscles in your back and also the spine do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients. This in turn makes them to become weak. As a result you end up having an achy back. Consult with your doctor on tools that can help you quit smoking. Within months of stopping to smoke you will definitely notice the wonderful outcome.

  • Skip the stilettos

There are those people who cannot step out of the house without stilettos. They wear high heeled shoes on every day of the week. While this is a good thing especially when it comes to fashion, it might put a strain on your back. High heeled shoes tend to push your hips and spine out of its typical alignment. This is what causes the back pain. If you are having problems with your back, opt for the low heeled shoes and avoid stilettos as much as possible. If you are so used to stilettos, what you have to do is to avoid having them on for long periods of time. You can even alternate where some days you wear low heeled shoes and others you can wear the ones that are high heeled. All this will work to reduce the back aches and even prevent any further strain on your back.

  •  Achieve a healthy weight

Having a healthy weight can help you avoid many health conditions and one of them is back pain. What happens is the extra weight you are carrying puts a strain on your spine and the back muscles. Shedding off those extra pounds is actually one of the effective ways to avoid taking medications for back pain. Once you have a healthy weight you will notice that the pain simply goes away on its own. You can enroll for a weight loss program so that you are able to lose weight the healthy way. You can also opt for the services of a dietician. A dietician will help you settle for a diet that’s perfect for you. At the end of the day you are going to realize that all the efforts you put in to lose weight are worth it.

Bottom line

Back pain is not a condition that you should ignore. Probably the first thing that comes to your mind whenever you have an aching back is to rush to the stores and get some painkillers. The painkillers relieve pain but this is not a permanent solution. All the tips that I have listed above should be able to help you get rid of your back pain and even prevent it from occurring in the future. After all, prevention is better than cure.


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