8 ways to STOP you from Overthinking

Just a moment to overthink everything. Side view of handsome young man keeping hands clasped and looking thoughtful while sitting against black background

When you think about something for too long or when things about the past keep on dwelling, no matter how much you try to avoid but the thoughts in your mind won’t let you stay calm. It means you are overthinking.  

Overthinking may be a sign of depression or anxiety. But it can be treated and help you to live a stress-free life. Some of the below points would help a person who thinks too much.  

1. Meditate – It is one of the best things to help you from overthinking. Start by doing 5–10 minutes of meditation daily. There are various methods of doing it such as taking deep breaths – slowly inhale and exhale and just focus on your breath; spot meditation – focus your vision on a particular thing like a candle or a leaf. Find what works best for you.  

2. Exercise – When you exercise, you will release a chemical called endorphins which makes you happy and help to spread positivity. Pick any activity like walking, cycling, gymming, aerobics, etc.  

3. Gardening – It may sound unusual but gardening helps to reduce stress. When you engage yourself in planting, watering, and weeding plants, you stay connected with nature. Sitting in your garden besides flowers and plants will definitely uplift your mood.  

4. Doodle – Doodle is kind of an impromptu art that doesn’t require much attention, planning, or thinking. Simply draw or sketch whatever comes to your mind. It’s a great way to relax one’s mind.  

5. Music – Needless to say, music is a great way to silence the never-ending thoughts and helps you to cheer up your mood immediately. Avoid listening to sad songs, it will only worsen your mood and you will end up thinking too much.  

6. Gratitude – Being thankful for the little things would have a positive impact on your health. Be thankful for your health, for your job, for your family and friends, and the things around you. It feels good from the inside when you did something for someone as at the end of the day you will sleep peacefully thinking that you can be of a little help to someone.  

7. Keep Yourself Busy – Keeping yourself busy in activities of your interests will keep your mind away from negative thoughts. Learn guitar, go for that dance class, try making new dishes.   

8. Take Charge – Keep your focus on solving the problem by taking charge of your thoughts. Do not get carried away by the negative thoughts easily so, focus only on finding the solution.  

These are some of the points which will help you to overcome the problem of overthinking. When you keep yourself occupied elsewhere, the chances are less for the negative thoughts to hover over your head. Overthinking is not a serious issue and can be cured if detected early, if not it can lead to serious health issues and can take a heavy toll on your mental health. As they say, mental health is as important as physical health so, start focusing on your mental health as well.