How to get Doe-Eyes with Makeup

Doe Eyes

Who doesn’t want large innocent-looking eyes? Doe-eyes or large beautiful round eyes look beautiful. It can enhance the overall look of the face and appear to make you look younger and awake. The first thing individuals notice about you is your eyes. Your excellence, charm, and appeal rely upon your eyes. You don’t have to be born with big round eyes, there are several tips and tricks to make your eyes look bigger.

Before we jump on to the steps for getting doe-eyes, there are other factors to keep in mind so that your eyes look fresh and healthy. Make sure you wash your eyes at least once a day to get rid of all the dirt floating over your eyelids. Another thing you can do for your eyes is by putting cucumber slices on your eyes which helps in hydrating the delicate skin and reduces the puffiness around the eyes.

You can achieve doe-eyes without having to go under the knife. But, you can certainly make them larger by applying makeup. It involves practice to master it so that you can get what you want.

1. Primer

Eye shadow primer is utilized to prepare the eyes for eye shadow. However, you should apply a light-colored eye primer to give an illusion of bigger eyes. You may choose Cream, Liquid, or Stick eye primer.

2. Eyeliner

Start by applying eyeliner to your upper lash. Choose dark colors like black or brown to your upper lashes and the light color like white or peach to your lower lashes. Another thing you can do to get doe eyes is to create wings. You just need to extend your eyeliner past the edges of your eyelid.

3. Even Out

People who do not get enough sleep or stress out too much may develop dark circles. To even out the skin, you need a good concealer either, liquid or stick to get rid of any dark spots, blemishes, or acne under your eyes.

4. Eyebrows

Your eyebrows would enhance the overall look of the face. Thick and dark brows can likewise help make the illusion of wide, doe-like eyes.

5. Curl your Lashes

Before applying mascara, don’t forget to curl your lashes. It will help open your eyes more extensively, and ensure they aren’t covered up by your lashes. You can also go for false lashes.

6. Don’t overlook the Mascara

Mascara plays an important role in getting doe-eyes. This is vital to making a rich, sexy eye. You can go with black color since it gives you a more natural look and it works well every single time. Make sure you apply a few coats of mascara.