How to Take Care of Yourself in Times of COVID-19

Covid19 mask
Student wearing mask during covid-19 standing inside classroom, showing peace

No one has ever thought that we would experience something like this ever in our lifetime. Yes, we are talking about the ongoing pandemic Covid-19. People have been constrained at their homes to contain the spread of the disease since the entire world is under lockdown. Countries like the U.S, Brazil, Russia, India, and, U.K are the worst affected by this deadly virus and the U.S has seen the maximum number of COVID-19 deaths till now.

The year 2020 is proving to be the worst since it has already seen Mother Nature’s fatal consequences, from Australian bush fire to Indonesian floods to the current coronavirus disease COVID-19. As per WHO, there are 8.6M confirmed cases and 4,61,274 deaths till now in 216 Countries, areas, or territories due to coronavirus outbreak.

There are several precautionary measures that you should take to contain the spread of the disease and keep the virus at bay.

  • Wear a mask
  • Avoid going out especially in large gatherings
  • Maintain at least 1-meter distance from people
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Wash your hands properly
  • Avoid touching your eyes, face, and nose
  • Limit your physical contact
  • Cover your face while sneezing or coughing

Before you check out the steps for wearing a face mask, you should know which type of masks are available in the market and are best suited for you.

N95 respirators

N95 masks provides the maximum level of protection from COVID-19. Although, these masks are costly of them all but will surely keep you away from the infection.

Single-use surgical masks

These masks are the most common ones which are used by doctors and medical staff. They are cheap yet comfortable and you can wear them for a longer duration unlike the N95 masks which are not comfortable if worn for longer durations. Surgical masks should be used once.

Homemade fabric masks

Making a mask is not rocket science, one can easily make cloth masks at home. The best thing about homemade masks are; they are free of cost and are reusable but you should wash them after each use.

Since you are well aware of different types of face masks and the one which is best suited for you, now it’s time to know the steps for wearing a face mask.

How to wear mask properly:

1. Clean your hands

The first step you should follow is to clean your hands either with the alcohol based hand sanitiser or with soap and water.

2. Inspect the mask

Before wearing a mask, check for any damage or any holes and don’t use it if it is dirty. You should always consider wearing a clean mask.

3. Cover your face

Make sure your face gets properly covered. Once you wear the mask pinch the metal strip so that no space is left between your face and the mask.

4. Do not touch the mask

Once you are done wearing a mask, you should avoid touching it.

How to remove a mask:

  • Wash hands before removing your mask
  • Grab it by straps behind the ears
  • Pull away from your face and dispose of in a closed bin
  • Wash your hands again

As we know that masks alone cannot help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, there are several other things which you have to consider like, eating a healthy diet to boost immunity and taking necessary precautions which are mentioned above.

If you have symptoms like fever, dry cough, and tiredness then you should not worry, remain calm, and just stay at home and self-isolate. If your symptoms become worse then you should visit the doctor. Although, the recovery rate of coronavirus is about 80% and most people don’t need hospital treatment to recover from it.

Our lives have been completely changed since the inception of the virus in December 2019. It has given a whole new meaning to social relationships and has taught us to keep good hygiene. It has also taught us to never take anything for granted as nature has its own ways to turn things around. We tend to take things lightly until it gets out of control. So, start acting now.